Party Planning Tips From Napkins to Table and Chair Rentals

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There are quite a few details to take care of when planning a party, particularly when there will be 15 or more guests in attendance. In addition to creating the guest list and sending out invitations, there’s hiring a caterer to decide on a menu. There are other important items that need attending to on party planning lists. These include tables and seating, linens and place settings, party activities and decorations.

Party Tent Rentals

When you’re hosting the party in your backyard or another outdoor area, having a party tent can provide welcome shade for your guests. If your space allows, you may want to rent several tents, each with a specific purpose. You can designate a tent for cocktails and mingling along with another tent for sharing a meal. If you’re planning to have live entertainment or music, you could also have a tent with a dance floor.

Table and Chair Rentals

Even if you’re not planning to have a formal meal, you’ll want to have some type of seating for your guests. Once you know how many guests you’ll be having, you can determine how many tables and chairs will be required. If you’re having a speaker, for example, you’ll want to have a designated area with a table or podium. You’ll also need to allow space for rows of chairs. Be sure to keep in mind that there should be sufficient space between the aisles so all of your guests can be seated comfortably.

Linens and Other Essentials

In addition to being practical, high-quality linens can add just the right touch of elegance to your party. Here are just a few types of linens that you may want to add to your list:

  • Table cloths
  • Table runners
  • Napkins
  • Sashes
  • Chair covers

Are you having a cocktail party? If you’re going to have 15 guests, for example, you’ll want to have at least 200 napkins. Then it’s important to have 2 to 3 glasses for each person. Since 80% of your guests will likely accept coffee or tea, it’s also important to have more than a single cup per person.

Decorations and Color Coordinating

Do you have a specific theme for your party? Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, or another type of celebratory event, choosing 3 different colors can provide a cohesive decor. Just imagine the possibilities for mixing-and-matching colors for these and other party accessories:

  • Napkins
  • Plates
  • Place cards
  • Paper pom-poms
  • Pennants
  • Balloons

Use a Quality Rental Company for Table and Chair Rentals

Entertaining can be so much easier when you work with a quality rental company. This is because they have experience with planning and organization and can assist you with creating a successful event. Furthermore, since you will be able to obtain most of what you’ll need from the same company, it can streamline the process. In addition to table and chair rentals, you will also be able to obtain rental tents, linens, and more.

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