Preserving Your Important Documents 3 Methods That Work

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Paper is one of the most fragile materials, and are extremely susceptible to water, fire, and the test of time. Unfortunately, most of our most important documents are on paper, putting them at risk for irreversible damage. However, there are a few ways that you can protect your photographs and important documents.


Lamination covers your document in a thin layer of plastic, which keeps it safe from things like tears or water damage. Papers that are handled regularly, or are delicate, can vastly benefit from lamination. This includes things such as newspaper clippings, phone lists, small photos, insurance cards, prescription cards, and children’s artwork. However, not all documents can be laminated, as they become worthless if altered. This includes government issued documents such as a birth certificate or Social Security card.

Scanning Your Photographs and Documents

You can import scanned photographs or important document into your computer or a spare hard drive. This makes them easier to store, and can give you constant access to your documents from any computer. To ensure proper digitization, bring your documents to a professional photo scanning service. Along with scanning your photographs and important documents, many picture scanning services offer damaged document and old photo restoration, which will help preserve your documents even further.


For those documents that you can’t laminate or store digitally, there are the tried and true methods of document storing. Important documents should be kept in a dry space that is easy to get to. Experts suggest renting out a safe-deposit box for the original documents, with a copy of each at home. Or, purchase a fireproof safe that can be stored in your own home. Make sure you’re not the only one in your house who knows the

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