Signs that You Should Hire a Caring Companion

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There are many types of elder care programs for aging seniors, but if you want to keep your loved one in their home for as long as possible, your best option may be hiring a caring companion.

Caring companions will spend time at your loved one’s home, assisting them with domestic tasks and providing them with social interaction. But how do you know if a caring companion is the right choice for your situation?

  • No Family Nearby

    If an elderly person needs care but is living too far away from family members for them to provide it, companion care is probably a good idea. The companion can check in on the person regularly and keep family members updated on their relative’s condition.
  • Family Nearby Without Enough Time

    People live busy lives, and it’s not always easy for a working mother with four children, for instance, to care for their aging mother. If an elderly person lives near their family but family members just don’t have the time or energy to give them the level of care they need, companion care is a solid alternative. There are also cases where a caring family member might need a little time off to rest and recoup, in which case a companion could be hired to fill in until the family member is ready to take over again.
  • Family Nearby Without Enough Care Skills

    Complex care needs like Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory loss require a level of skilled care that the average son or daughter is unlikely to meet. If family members are nearby but the care needs exceed their training, it might be time to look into companion care.
  • Elderly Person Prefers a Companion

    There are cases where a senior may actually request a companion for care, even if they have family nearby. Companions can provide much-needed social interaction, especially for home-bound seniors who feel like they don’t get out to meet new people enough. They may also prefer someone with more experience to keep an eye on their condition.

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