The Benefits Of A Private School Education

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From arts camp to digital textbooks, there can certainly be a large number of advantages of attending private schools or a performing arts school (in fact, the two are often one in the same). From more resources like the ability to attend an arts camp to the chance at better test scores, the best private schools have many advantages to those students who attend, from fine arts exposure to an early start at the best elementary schools (in fact, over 2 million elementary school students were enrolled in a private school in 2016 alone in the United States). For those wondering what to know about day schools, it’s important to know that they will be provided many opportunities that they would not get in a public school setting.

For those who want to know what to know about day schools, private school has become more and more popular across the country, with one quarter of the nation’s schools classified as a private school. Many parents choose these schools for their children because of the benefits that they offer, and some even have summer programs like an arts camp for children whose parents are employed year round or who wish to further their education even when school is not in session. Programs like an arts camp are in part so successful in a private school because private schools have better rates of student engagement. For instance, while the average public school has a student apathy rate of over 20%, less than 5% of all private schools in the United States say that they feel they have a problem with student apathy and a lack of student engagement. Part of this is due to a lack of parental involvement, of which more than 20% of public schools cite as a problem in their school. In comparison, again, only around 3% of all private schools have said that they have problems with getting the parents of their students involved.

Aside from programs like the arts camp that many private schools offer, another reason that parents choose to send their child to a private school is because of the focus on college prep, particularly for high school students enrolled in a private school. In fact, in a public school setting, guidance counselors will only spend just over 20% on college preparedness. In a private school, on the other hand, this number is more than 50%. Private schools also have considerably higher averages for standardized tests, further helping their students become ready for a college education at a prestigious college or university. For those wondering what to know about day schools, it’s important to know that they will be prepared for life in college and even after.

There are many advantages to a private school education, from higher standardized test scores as well as higher rates of both student and parent engagement. There are many things that parents consider when they wonder what to know about day schools, but the answer is simple. If you’re wondering what to know about day schools, it’s important to know that your child is more likely than not to receive an education that will set them up for the rest of their lives.

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