The Benefits of a Trusted House Cleaning Service

Same-day maid service

Your environment has a decided impact on your attitude, productivity, and general quality of life. Those who live in dirty homes or work in dirty buildings have been shown to have increased depression or a lack of motivation. On the other hand, those who keep their homes and offices clean generally are more cheerful and productive. Although it is ultimately the individual’s choice whether they want to live in cleanliness or filth, we hope these paragraphs can persuade some to choose cleanliness.

Home Cleaning

Regularly cleaning windows, appliances, fixtures, and carpets can lead to a cleaner, happier home. Of course this takes time and a keen sense of prioritization in order to determine how often such chores need to be done. Sometimes there is simply not enough time to do everything at once, so some jobs get pushed back or forgotten entirely. For instance, 84% of Americans believe that a clean carpet is a must for having a clean home, but 22% of Americans think that their carpet is even dirtier than their toilet seat. This is likely because only 55% of Americans will clean their carpets according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s recommendation of once every six months or so.

Office Cleaning

Likewise, a clean office can help to make your employees happier and more productive. Studies have found that exposure to dust can actually negatively impact the cognition of workers by up to 6%. By keeping offices cleaned regularly, businesses can reduce employee absenteeism by up to 46%. Additionally, employees who work in a clean office will have an 80% reduced likelihood of catching either the common cold or influenza.

Maid Services

A family that cleans every day will save about 730 hours per year by hiring a trusted house cleaning service. There are about 894,920 maids in the country, so finding a maid service shouldn’t be a problem. Not only do cleaning services help residents and businesses save time, maids can help to reduce exposure to harmful cleaners, of which there are over 150 toxic cleaners used in households across the country. For safer, reliable cleaning, consider hiring a trusted house cleaning service to keep your home happier and sparkling.

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