The Benefits of Sleeping on an Adjustable Bed

Beds adjustable

Did you know that sleeping on a flat, traditional mattress can cause your body to shift into cramped positions? As a result, it is often difficult to achieve a good night’s sleep on a horizontal mattress. Fortunately, adjustable bed systems have become available. There are two important benefits of sleeping on adjustable beds, as they help you in a variety of ways.

– Fully adjustable. Adjustable bed mattresses are able to conform to your body in nearly every way. This is because the head, middle, and foot of the bed can be adjusted to certain heights, which allows you to find a position that is comfortable. Whether you need support for your thighs, back, neck, feet, or head, the bed can be adjusted to properly contour your body. Since adjustable bed systems are also designed to support the natural S-curve of the spine, which traditional mattresses cannot do, you may experience certain health benefits.

– Health benefits. Adjustable beds help prevent you from sleeping in unhealthy positions. For example, sleeping on your side can hamper your breathing, as well as cut off your blood circulation, so adjustable beds deter you from sleeping on your side. Adjustable mattresses can even help prevent edema, which is a condition that is sometimes triggered by sleeping on a flat mattress. Edema causes the feet and legs to swell up from accumulated fluid, which can lead to intense pain. However, since adjustable beds can help prevent the buildup of fluid, they may alleviate edema symptoms.

Achieving a good night’s sleep is often difficult on a traditional mattress, so adjustable bed systems are available to help. Adjustable mattresses are able to conform to your body, which could lead to certain health benefits. This means that by lying on an adjustable mattress, your sleep experience may be more rewarding. Helpful links:

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