The Benefits of Using Folding Canes

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Every single year, people in America continue to grow older in age. While this is obviously the natural course of life, it is important that people pay attention to how their bodies age. As people grow older they are much more likely to suffer injuries or to come down with a fatal disease.

As people grow older there is a strong chance that they can come down with dementia or Alzheimer’s which is an incredibly dangerous disease. Also, as people grow older their bodies become much weaker, unfortunately. This means that even something as minor as falling can end up becoming a serious problem for someone that is older in age.

Even though people who are older in age are prone to falling and getting hurt, there are people in the medical industry working to help these senior citizens avoid this type of pain. Thanks to developments with stylish canes older people are able to easily improve mobility. These types of walking aids are incredibly helpful for many older people as they make their way to their house and yard.

Even though folding canes and other stylish walking canes are proven to be helpful, there are a large number of older citizens that are incredibly stubborn when it comes to protecting themselves and taking care of themselves. Here are all of the facts and benefits that come along with using folding canes.

Every single year in the United States one out of every four older adults is going to fall. While this may not seem like a big deal to someone younger in age, it has been proven to be incredibly damaging and dangerous for people who are older in age. As a matter of fact, every two years over 2 million senior citizens will end up visiting the emergency room for injuries caused by a fall.

The most common reasons as to why elderly people and senior citizens fall are both unsteadiness or dizziness when they are standing up or walking. Right now, over 50% of all falls amongst older adults will take place in their own home. This is incredibly dangerous because if they fall and hurt themselves then they will have no one to help them if they are home alone.

Folding canes are an item that can help people stay out of the emergency room for fall. This is important because every 11 seconds an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall. Folding canes are now becoming more and more popular according to statistics and data gathered every year.

According to data gathered over the past couple of years, there are over 6.5 million Americans that are using assistive devices like canes to help them be more mobile. Also, just under 40% of all people in the United States that are over the age of 85 will use folding canes to help them be more mobile around their house and local areas.

Just about 70% of all Americans, which equates to nearly 5 million American citizens, will use canes to help them walk. This makes all types of canes, including folding canes, the most widely used mobility devices in the United States. Keep in mind that over 10% of all people who are over the age of 65 in the United States use a cane. So canes, like folding canes, are incredibly popular in the United States in terms of mobility aids.

In Conclusion

The type of cane that is used by Americans is not as importants as the fact that Americans are actually using canes. Any senior citizens should have some form of mobile aid by them at all times so that way they can have help whenever it is needed. There is no reason they should not have folding canes accessible to them to help them move. Everyone deserves to live in peace and happiness, and folding canes are a great way to help senior citizens.

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