The Conversation You Should Really Be Having with Your Modern Home Builders

Modern home plans

When many people begin working with a home builder to create a new modern home design, they often neglect to research exactly what they want. As a result, they come away with none of the custom features that they may truly desire when buying a new home, and they also may not get the right location for themselves and their families. This is typically the product of a communication breakdown when talking to modern home builders, especially for new homeowners who don’t know about industry jargon surrounding their new home.

Is this a problem that you’re facing? By doing some research and making a simple list, buyers like you can know exactly what to ask modern home builders for. Here are three things to add to your list when considering a new construction:

    1. Eco-Friendliness: Today going green doesn’t just mean recycling and reusing. Environmental activism also has to do with how homes are built and what energy-efficient features they have. Check out houses with new thermal windows and doors, which will help to save you money on your heating and cooling bills. You should also see if you can get a home with updated Energy Star appliances. This not only gives your family a lower energy bill and has less impact on the environment, but it can also result in a lower tax bill, too.

    2. Home Features: One of the best things about customizing a home is that you have the freedom to decide on what floor plan you would like and which other indoor and outdoor features you want in a home. Although as many as 20% of families would give up an extra bedroom or a garage to live in a better location, you may not have to if you talk to your builder about your budget and needs. Working within a budget doesn’t have to mean giving up on square footage or your ideal dream home.

    3. Planned Community Amenities: If you have your choice of neighborhood, why not choose a location that offers the best features? Many developers have several master planned communities in the same location, so you can choose which one will suit your family best. For instance, if you’re like 45% of other Americans, then school district boundaries will be very important in your search.

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