The Three Considerations for Additional Storage

Corner sheds

There are about 20 million garden sheds sitting on lawns across the U.S., roughly the same as the U.K. People need a place to store garden tools away from the burning sun and pouring rain. Before you head down to your closest home improvement store, read below.

Wood Storage Sheds or Vinyls Sheds?

Is one really better than the other? Not exactly; one will be better for you depending on what you need a shed to provide. A wooden shed is more susceptible to the elements and needs to be protected with a stain and examined periodically for termites. But a wooden shed is easier to customize in terms of painting and adding additional shelving.

Vinyl sheds are what you are most likely to run into at the local hardware store. They are lighter, and not as susceptible to wind, rain or pests. However, what you buy is pretty much what you will have for the life of the shed, no upgrades are really available. If its only function is to store garden tools, as 77% of owners claim to, this is not a bad option.

Contractor or Self-assembled?

Depending on your skills, and how much you are comfortable spending on this project, you might consider hiring a contractor to help put up your shed. If it is a custom shed, the contractor will likely include assembly in the total price. A cheap metal wall cabinet may be simple to assemble yourself. The more basic the design, the easier it may be to tackle on your own.

What Size Do You Need?

If you plan to shelter a lawn mower, the shed you choose will need to be fairly large. If you need to store garden tools that fit in your hand, a small cupboard may be plenty. Take inventory of what will be stored, and leave some extra room for acquiring new pieces of equipment, before going to purchase a shed. Too little room will not be much help; too much and you will find your stuff expands to fill the space.

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