Three Celebrity Storage Locker Finds You Won’t Believe!

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Celebrities — they’re just like us! When they have too much stuff, they purchase self storage units to stow these extraneous belongings away, just like us. And when they no longer feel like paying the self storage facility’s fee (or when they just forget to), their units go up for auction, much to the amusement and amazement of the winners.

Unlike us though (or most of us anyways), celebrities have been known to keep some pretty weird things in their self storage units. Here are just a few things that were found recently.

Jessica Alba.

There’s all sorts of weird things about actress Jessica Alba’s self storage unit. The first of which is that it never actually went up for auction. Back in 2010, paparazzi managed to snap photos of the self storage locker’s contents as she headed in and out there. What did they find inside? Nothing much, actually. Just enough holiday decorations to make the self storage unit festive twice over.

Whitney Houston.

The late Whitney Houston’s self storage locker was auctioned off after her passing, and had a whopping 400 items inside, which were then sold online. Some such valuables included a grand piano worth about $300,000, designer clothing, — oh — and about 16 wardrobe cases from her tours.

Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton’s self storage unit went up for auction back in 2004, and was bought by Nabila Haniss of Storage Wars fame. Haniss dropped less than $3,000 on the unit, and flipped it for a whopping $10 million. Inside, Haniss found explicit photos and videos, highly-sensitive medical records, diaries, taped conversations, and more.

Celebrities — they’re just like us! Who would have thought that such stars as Jessica Alba, Whitney Houston, and Paris Hilton would all keep their extra stuff in storage lockers like us. (Well, maybe not Paris, but the point still stands.)

If you know of any other celebrities with weird stuff that got auctioned off, feel free to share in the comments.

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