Three Things to Consider When Looking Into Reupholster

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When furniture becomes worn, you generally have two choices. The first is to get rid of the furniture altogether and buy an entire new set. The second is to get it reupholstered. Choosing between them can be tough going since there are so many different factors that go into it. If you’re struggling to make a decision, here are three things that you should keep in mind.

1. Sentimental Value
Probably the first thing you should consider when you’re thinking about whether or not reupholstering furniture is the right choice is how attached you are to the furniture. You’re going to be less likely to want to get rid of the furniture if it was given to you by a family member or holds some other emotional significance. If this is the case, opt for furniture upholstery repair so you don’t have to get rid of it.

2. Quality
Another part of the decision is the quality of the existing furniture, and be honest with yourself when it comes to this. If the construction of the furniture is good and the original craftsmanship is of a high quality, it’s probably worth getting the piece reupholstered. If not, you aren’t really doing yourself a favor by repairing and refreshing a piece of furniture that’s going to continue to wear and eventually need replacing anyway.

3. Price
The last really important thing you need to consider when you’re considering furniture reupholstering is the price. Depending on the piece, it might be less expensive to just buy a new one. However, in many cases (if the quality of the furniture is high) it’s a better choice to reupholster. Doing so also offers more custom design options like adding matching custom pillows and drapes.

Have you ever opted for furniture reupholstering? Feel free to share your experience with us in the comments section below. Continue reading here.

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