Three Surprising Reasons Why Purple Heart Clothing Donations and Other Green Charities Can Help the Planet

Used clothing donations

What if you were told you could have a hand in preventing pollution? What would you do? If you’re looking for ways to go green around the house, one thing almost anyone can do is look through old household items and clothing to figure out what you can donate.

Donating clothing is a simple way to help the environment, and the impact that it has on communities is a lot more astounding than most people would guess. If you’re thinking about cleaning out your closet and those of your family members, here are three reasons why clothing donations are the number one way to help the planet:

  • Clothing gets thrown out at alarming rates. Current research estimates state that around 12 to 13 million tons of clothing get thrown out each year in the United States alone and account for 5% of all waste. To put that into perspective, the United States also produces the most solid waste out of any other nation and contributes about one-third of all trash in the world. That clothing and textile waste represents a significant portion of the waste on Earth, and it’s entirely avoidable given that clothing in good condition can be worn again.
  • Clothing is one of the most easily repurposed and recyclable materials on the planet. Research shows that of the clothing that has gone to the landfill, around 98 to 99% of it could have been reused or recycled in some way. However, only around 15% of the clothing that does get thrown out is ever salvaged, which means that there is far more clothing in the trash than necessary.
  • Donating clothing is simple and can benefit the community and the donors. One common way to participate in giving used clothing donations is to give to an organization that offers a clothing donation pick up service. Purple Heart clothing donations are one example of this, as these organizations have services to pick up donations from a donor’s home. Many local charity centers also accept Purple Heart clothing donations that can be dropped off, too, so donors can receive tax deduction forms. Purple Heart clothing donations are just one way to give. There are a number of charities that benefit causes that range from helping families in need to companies that collect donations for veterans, military families, the disabled, and other groups.

No matter which way you choose to donate clothing, there are so many people who could use the help. Additionally, donating clothing makes it available for resale again, too, as around 20% of donations wind up in secondhand shops. This sends a clear message to manufacturers that the world already has plenty of clothing.

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