Three Tips for Booking the Destination Wedding of Your Dreams

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Last summer, USA Today ran a story detailing how the number of weddings had fallen in America based on a few different factors — the economy, first and foremost. But there was light at the end of the tunnel, too. Couples were still cohabiting without actually tying the knot, but experts predicted that Millennials, or young people in the 18-34 age range, were headed for their own marriages licenses before too long. All it took was a boost to the economy.

It seems that might be happening now. And given the industry’s latest trend of destination weddings, marriage has become a large source of impending joy for millions of couples across the country.

What is a destination wedding, exactly? Think of it as an opportunity to couple the actual nuptial ceremony with the honeymoon celebration afterward. Loads of couples are hopping on board the trend because of how it allows for a more exotic wedding experience up front (especially in unique wedding places), rather than having the ceremony at home then traveling to the far-off destination for a romantic respite. So, what do you need to know about planning your dream wedding on a destination budget?

Start booking plenty in advance.

It’s always better to be prepared, especially when it comes to planning a large-scale event like a wedding. And most unique wedding places will fill up their reservation slots more quickly as the summer approaches. Most venues would recommend getting in touch with your reservations and plans at least nine to 15 months ahead of time, though of course every place is different.

Realize you don’t have to go far to get away from home.

Out of all the places for wedding receptions
couple can choose, a vast majority tend to abscond the soil of their home country and go abroad. But while that might be one couple’s ultimate dream, it’s not popular (or even financially reasonable) for everyone. Understand that plenty of banquet halls are located amid gorgeous scenes to begin with, meaning you could hold the ceremony by the rushing river and the reception inside. Plus, certain locales offer outstanding greens to play golf upon — perfect for your elder relatives who always come prepared with their golf equipment.

Keep your guests’ accommodations in mind.

Romance is not about location; it’s about passion. Romantic wedding places don’t have to be beach-side canopies or mountaintop overlooks — as romantic as they might be. For some couples, it’s enthralling enough to have their respective family members surrounding them as they take their vows pledging themselves to the ones they love. The more grounded you keep the ceremony (literally), the less you’ll have to worry about grandma being able to ascend all the steps it takes to reach the mountain’s peak. Doesn’t that sound a bit more romantic to you?

Out of all the unique wedding places you can choose from, what matters isn’t the price or the logistics. What matters is that it feels right to your union. Remember to start planning early and you never know just where you might end up tying the knot. Read more:

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