Three Ways You Can Sleep Better Every Single Night

Ways to get better sleep

Getting better sleep is not a Rubik’s cube, as much as it might be puzzling you into the late hours of the evening. Most experts agree that better sleep is irrevocably tied to better rest — and it’s that second part that’s important to living a healthier, more productive life. But how does anyone settle down into a pre-sleep routine with so much going on at work (and with the possibility that someone’s liked your newest photo on Facebook)?

The answer, as it turns out, resides entirely in your willingness to shutdown your mind before you even think about crawling into your sheets. In order to do that, studies find, you’ll first have to turn off your electronics. That’s where getting help to sleep better starts.

Picture going to sleep like an airplane about to take off. Everyone’s buckled in, and the flight attendant comes on the PA to let all the passengers know to shut off their personal electronic devices. Only when that happens can the plane finally begin its ascent into the clouds — and only when you put your iPhone on the nightstand next to your bed can you finally begin your peaceful drift into dreamland.

Of course, it’s much easier said than done. So, here are a few tips to help you pull the plug.

Get more exercise.

The easiest way to sleep better at night is to think of sleep as your reward for long day spent living. And the fastest way to a tired mind is a tired body. You don’t have to run five miles every single day either in order to fully tire out your body before bed (though that wouldn’t hurt). Take a long walk after dinner or ride your bike around the block a few times. Once your body is ready for bed, it won’t care what your smartphone has to say.

Get a better bed.

Sometimes getting help to sleep better is just a matter of ditching your old mattress and springing for a better bed. Experts recommend replacing mattresses every eight years or so, but if you’re having sleep problems, getting a new one isn’t going to do much — unless you completely rethink your bed strategy. Do you need memory foam for extra comfort or the added support you get from adjustable beds? The more you want to climb into bed, the less likely you’ll be kept up by anything.

Get serious about your diet.

Look, everyone knows eating an entire order of chicken wings for dinner is bound to result in some disturbances later on. But better sleep starts right at breakfast, and the fresher the foods you eat, the lower the risk you’ll be kept up late at night. A balanced diet does more than just help fight off heart disease, diabetes and obesity — it can actually lead to a much more sound sleeping scenario, studies show.

Yes, there are plenty of ways you can get help to sleep better. But the easiest way of all is to simply not get into bed until you’re tired. There’s nothing than worse than tossing and turning, so wait until your eyes begin to droop. And if it takes longer than usual, try investing in a better diet, a better bed or a better workout regimen. Your tomorrow self will thank you. Visit here for more information.

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