Top 3 Benefits to Landscaping at Your Home

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Landscaping is an important part of homes. It can turn people off or make them feel more comfortable, more at home. But expert landscaping services know it is about more than good looks. Landscaping affects the energy efficiency of a home and affects the resale value. Koi ponds, fireplaces, outdoor lighting, and walls are all a part of luxury landscape design. Here are the top benefits to proper landscaping around your home.

1. Looking to sell your home soon? People look to the landscaping of a home first. It is the first impression the home will make and the first thing people see. If the landscaping isn’t done well, people are less likely to consider buying it. Up to 60% of potential home buyers say that the landscaping influences their choice. Everyone wants the green lawn with the beautiful rows of flowers. Pretty is landscaping is good when trying to sell a home.

2. You’ll get your money back. All the sweat and tears and money that comes with landscaping come back when you are ready to sell your house. A good quality landscape can add 14% to a home’s resale value. That may not seem like much, but 14% on $200000 can mean an additional $28,000 for your bank account. That’s a good chunk of change and worth the effort.

3. It saves energy, too. Plants provide shade and can provide insulation from wind. These can add up to savings for you. Plants that are planted in the proper locations can reduce heating and cooling costs by 20%. That’s constant and year-round savings from a few plants. Contact local expert landscaping services to make sure your plants are properly placed for maximum benefits.

Your local expert landscaping services professionals can guide you to get the maximum benefit from your landscaping. Create a peaceful retreat in your yard, an outdoor gathering space, or shade your house to save the air conditioner costs with the help of local professional landscaping services. Make the space that you have always desired, the space that makes your house into a home, a space that will call to others and bring an excellent resale value. From lawn and patio to outdoor walkways and so much in between, expert landscaping services can help you.

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