Top Three Factors to Consider for your Wedding

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Whether you are getting married in Florida or in Alaska, the typical American wedding involves a lot of different factors that need to be considered when planning the ceremony. For example, if you are getting married on Florida, you may want to consider whether you want to have your ceremony inside or outside, while a wedding in Alaska might not have that option. The average age of a woman getting married for the first time is twenty five and this day may be the most important one out of all those years, so it is important to make sure it goes off without a hitch. Here are three big things you should consider about your wedding:

1. When Is Your Wedding?

One of the first things a couple should decide is when, exactly, they plan on getting married. The time of year sets an immediate tone for the wedding. Perhaps you’d like to have your wedding connote new beginnings by having it around the New Year in December or January? Or perhaps you’d like to have it around the day you first met, or perhaps in the summer to connote life and energy? The most common month for American weddings is June, so perhaps you want to be in the vogue with that date or avoid it to be more unique. This should take into account where exactly the wedding is; if you’re getting married in Florida, perhaps you may want to consider what the weather is like at that time of year.

2. Where Is Your Wedding?

Once you know when you want your wedding to be, the next step is to pick a location for it. A fancy banquet hall would make for a large, comfortable, aesthetically beautiful location for a high-quality event like this, but if you’re getting married in Florida, or somewhere warm like that, perhaps you would want to consider having your wedding on the beach or one of a few other beautiful outside wedding sites. Like the time of year for the wedding, this is a major factor in setting the tone for your wedding. Your options for the event venues for your wedding are determined very much by the time of year you select, but the wedding locations determine a number of other factors in turn.

3. What Theme Do You Choose?

While the time and location of the wedding sets a tone all on their own, another factor that heavily influences that tone is the actual theme of the wedding. Whether you choose warm colors or cool colors, how formal the dress is, and other factors like that will shape how people remember your wedding for years to come. Of course these should be compatible with the time of year and location of the wedding; about a fifth of brides include purple in their wedding because it is versatile enough to be used at many times of the year. These decisions are all very important and should be jointly made by both partners; almost half of all couples plan their wedding together, and three fourths of grooms have input on the wedding registry. A mutual satisfaction by both partners with the tone created by each of these factors will lead to a more satisfying wedding overall. What sort of ideas are you considering for your wedding?
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