Tough on Bugs, Easy on Your Wallet, and Easy on the Earth Exploring Natural and Organic Pest Control Methods

Pest infestation in your home or workplace will degrade you to your visitors. On a farm, pests reduce your farm yields. With this in mind, you must employ methods to eliminate these pests. You can reach out to an extermination company to fix your pest problem efficiently. While at it, consider the services offered by the company, charges, and if the products they use are eco-friendly. Recently there has been a rise in the establishment of new pest control companies. The companies invest in the sustainable production of pest products that kill various types. For home and farm solutions, it’s advisable to buy these pesticides from pest control experts for better pest and termite control.

On the other hand, you can opt to purchase and spray industrial pest control products proven to treat the pests in your home. Unfortunately, these pesticides may be costly to buy. If so, you can use readily available materials as ingredients to make pesticides for pest control for home use. Pepper, baking soda, soap with bleach, garlic, salt, and water are some materials you can use to make a natural pesticide conveniently. Natural pesticides are easy to blend and offer you long-lasting results. Pest management should be consistent for you to avoid illnesses and embarrassments and enjoy a sound sleep. Pest control also increases your farm yields and improves food quality for consumption by your family.

Pests are among the most disturbing animals you can ever have in your home. Such may include cockroaches, bedbugs, and mosquitoes. Fortunately, pest control services are readily available in the current generation as more innovators have developed different ways of dealing with such a bother. Most of these firms offer professional pest control for home use services. You can contact one of them for the best results in the current generation. Nevertheless, you must also know the parts you can play to ensure pests are not bothersome in your home. Getting the right industrial pest control products is one of the major4 considerations to make within and around your residential property. However, it is recommended to work with professionals who can guarantee better pest and termite control to ensure your home is safe and comfortable for your family.

The good news is that getting such a professional exterminator service is manageable today, thanks to the incredible online presence most of the companies have established. You would be surprised to learn that even new pest control companies have adapted the trick of making themselves available online. These organizations have even built an incredible reputation on the broad market. Therefore, you can be sure you are getting the services from a firm trusted by many.

Using industrial pest control products is perhaps the most effective method. However, these chemicals degrade the ecological system, have undesired effects on environmental sustainability, eliminate both beneficial and harmful pests, etc.

Also, agricultural products sprayed with these chemicals contain heavy metals, which have been linked to increased lifestyle diseases such as cancer. As a result, there is a need to find better pest control for home use.

Already, lobby groups around the world are pressuring governments to outlaw harmful agricultural chemicals. Farmers will be forced to utilize better pest and termite control methods to promote sustainability if governments cave to the demands of these lobby groups.

Enter organic pest control; this alternative pest control method still acts as an exterminator when it comes to pests. It also focused on preventative and curative effects by protecting the environment and promoting overall wellbeing in humans.

Organic pest control isn’t the only sustainable pest control method; there is also genetic and natural chemical control. Now let’s look at the organic pest control methods being adopted by farmers and new pest control companies.

It’s that time of year again! Spring is in the air and so are a bunch of bugs. Unfortunately, that’s one of the down sides of spring. While it brings much needed relief from winter’s cold, dark days, it also brings with it pollen, pests, and bugs — all three of which can have a negative impact on your health and even the structural foundation and integrity of your home! Although pollen and bugs are apart of the natural world and play very important roles respectively, they can become problematic if measures aren’t taken to manage them properly.

This is why regular and routine pest control service for your property is so important! The pest control services that a professional pest control company can provide can help keep disease spreading pests like mosquitoes at bay and can prevent wood-eating pests such as termites from completely destroying your property. Just think of bug guard services as another way you can ensure the safety and security of your family and the home you live in.

Unfortunately, many of the chemical compounds used for pest management and lawn services such as extermination, weed control, and lawn fertilization services are extremely toxic. Just think; if they’re designed to eradicate bugs and weeds, just imagine what they can do to you, your pets, your children, and the environment! While these chemical compounds are effective in doing their job, those with allergies or that are sensitive to harsh chemicals may end up with a whole new set of problems once the pest and weeds are gone. Some of the chemical compounds used for pest management and weed control are dangerous to household pets such as dogs, cats, and rabbits and have also been linked to cancer in humans.

Therefore, it goes without saying that these chemical compounds are bad for the environment. They can leach into the ground where they can contaminate the groudwater and cause some serious problems. Contaminated water can be a serious problem and is difficult to treat.

Luckily, there are plenty of natural and organic pest control methods that are just as, if not more effective than traditional means of pest control. A great advantage to using these methods is that they’re extremely affordable, tough on bugs, but gentle and easy on the environment! You may even have a lot of the ingredients to make a natural or organic pesticide in your home already!

Here are just a few examples of natural and organic pest control mixtures you can make at home.


In the Ayurvedic traditions of ancient India, neem oil was revered for its power. It was used for beauty, healing, and pest control! Did you that neem oil contains more than 50 natural insecticides, making it one of the most powerful natural pesticides on the entire planet? This tree leaf is extremely bitter can be made into a powerful pest control spray. You can also buy it in spray from directly from a natural pesticide company. If you prefer to make it yourself, simple add 1/2 an ounce of organic neem oil with a 1/2 teaspoon of mild, organic soap, and two quarts of water. Pour into a spray bottle and have at it!

Get salty

Like organic neem oil, Himalayan pink sea salt has long been revered for it’s out of this world healing properties. It’s great for the skin, as well as the body’s internal organs. But for as healing as it can be, it also packs a mighty punch when it comes to being a form of pest control. It’s a great yet gentle way of getting rid of spider mites on plants. All you have to do is mix 2 tablespoons of Himalayan crystal salt into a gallon of warm water. Pour into a spray bottle, shake it up, and happy spraying!

Onion and garlic

Cut up some onion and garlic and let it sit in a quart of water for an hour before adding cayenne and liquid soap. It packs a powerful punch against all those pesky pests!

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