Want to Get the Right Sheets for a Baby? Check Out These 6 Tips

Waterproof sheet baby

There are a lot of things every new parent needs when they are getting their nursery ready for a new addition to the family. Bed sheets for babies are essentials for your list of what to buy. Many people are not at all sure of what kinds of sheets to get lIn addition to deciding what patterns, styles or colors you want to get for the baby’s room, you have almost limitless options in price, quality and style. What are the things you baby will really need?

1. Decide between separate bed sheets for babies or sets.

When you are looking for bed sheets for babies, sets often look very attractive. Usually, they come with one sheet for the crib, a bumper pad for the crib and a comforter. Some also include a skirt for the crib, mobiles and stickers for diapers. Not everyone likes the idea of the bumpers and you really can do without a comforter. It usually works out better to go with separates for your baby’s crib. Make sure you get some waterproof fitted sheets for babies.

2. Make sure all of your bed sheets for babies are both washable and soft.

It should go without saying that all the bed sheets for babies be washable. You may think that some of the sheets you like for your crib are washable, as in they can be thrown into your washing machine but if they do not say that expressly, you need to ask. Young babies are way too messy to have sheets that need special washing to get clean. You also want sheets that are very soft (who really likes scratchy sheets?). The popular kinds of bed sheets for infants and babies are higher thread cottons, flannel and knit cotton. All are great choices.

3. Get sheets that really fit the crib.

With most sheets, it is ok to have the fit be slightly off but this can be a real problem and safety issue when it comes to bed sheets for babies. Like mattresses for older kids and adults, there are some standard sizes but if you got a custom bed, you may want to measure it to make sure you get sheets that will fit it snuggly. You can take extra steps to keep your baby safe by purchasing straps to make sure the sheets stay in the right place. There are also a host of specialty cribs that have different shapes that will need sheets that were specifically designed and made for their mattresses. Just check with the store or thecrib manufacturer before you buy a lot of sheets.

4. Do not use sheets that were not made for a crib.

When you are looking for sheets for your baby’s crib, you need to buy those that were made for a crib. This is not the time to take bigger sheets and fold them into place. They will never be snug and safe the way specially made bed sheets for babies will be.

5. Buy more than you think you will need.

As as already mentioned, babies are messy! You will need to change and clean your baby’s sheets more all of the time. You will thank yourself later if you have more, rather than less, sheets for your baby’s crib. If you are not sure about the pattern, pick solids.

6. Think about how long you will need your sheets.

If you are planning to have more children and will use the same sheets, you may want to spend more to get more durable sheets.There are a lot of sets of bed sheets for babies that will also fit on toddler bed mattresses so you will be able to use them a lot longer than you may think. This is another reason to get more sheets than you think you may need.If, however, you like to redecorate your home a lot, you may not really want to be stuck with the same pattern.

Buying bed sheets for babies should be fun. Decorating your nursery can be a really enjoyable part of getting a home ready for a new baby. Take your time and enjoy it all, pretty soon that baby will be off to college.

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