What a Roof Inspection Should Look Like

If you are moving into a new area, there are a lot of home safety procedures you need to attend to. One of them is making sure your roof is in sound condition. Here are some things to watch out for in your first roof inspection to make sure they are doing a good job.

They will first check the drip edge and gutter guard to make sure they are secure in protecting the roof from water or wind damage. The next thing to address is the flashing, which is where the edge of the shingles meets other parts of the home, like windows.

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The trim boards may also need to be replaced if there are gaps in the roof.

If there are any issues with your roof, your roof company will let you know the cost of a repair. Without getting on the roof and seeing the issues up close, they cannot identify a fair price. If you feel that the price is high for what issues they are reporting, check online to see the average price in your area.

This video goes into depth about what to look for in a roof inspection and can help you oversee your own roof inspection. Take these tips to best protect your home from weather in the future.


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