What to Do with Builk Plastic Bottles

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We consume a lot of milk in America. It?s our fourth most consumed beverage, after soda, bottled water, and, of course, beer. We produce about 206 million pounds of this liquid every year, and a whole lot of it ends up in plastic bottles.

You probably know some things to do with the individual milk bottles you go through at home, such as cutting one in half to make a water bowl for the dog. But have you ever considered using wholesale plastic water bottles or plastic milk bottles bulk in some way for your business?

A quick search for ?plastic milk bottles bulk? will turn up a lot of hits, alongside drum cap seals and metal shipping containers for sale. You don?t have to sell milk to have a use for that plastic milk bottles bulk search, though. If you?ve already got a small business or are looking to start one on the side, consider the advantages of buying bulk instead of being stuck with whatever plastic containers you happen to use up in the kitchen.

Plastic will hold all kinds of inks, for example. If you?re a tattoo parlor, you might want to mix inks and store your own in large containers. If you?re a spa or salon you might be designing your own hair and beauty products in bulk and looking to store it for resale in smaller containers.

You may even need bulk plastic bottles if you?re a semi-professional crafter or a serious gardener looking to make a bit of extra cash at the co-op or weekly farmer?s market. If you?re renting space at a craft show, use quality plastic drinking bottles for selling some of your projects. Use plastic bottles to create a mini garden indoors for growing fresh herbs and spices you can sell year-round.

Bottle trees are also a way to make some money. The traditional bottle tree uses glass bottles, of course, but if you?ve got a smaller tree or even a bush, lightweight plastic in different colors and styles will be a better idea for protecting branches. Color and decorate bottles in any way you like, and then sell these on crafting sights. You can offer both the tree and bottles in a set, or just your specially decorated bottles.

There are a myriad of uses for plastic bottles and containers of all kinds, milk bottles among them. Be creative and save some money by going wholesale! Ger more information on this topic here.

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