What to Look For in Church Furniture

Church steeple crosses

Attending weekly church services is an important part of a routine for many families. According to Gallup, 68 percent of Americans claim that they attend church services at least occasionally. For those churches it is important that the members of the congregation always have clean and comfortable church pews to sit on. If you run a local parish, check out local church restoration to ensure your members always have a pleasant experience.

Churches were not commonly furnished with permanent pews before the Protestant Reformation. Pew rental emerged as a source of controversy in the 1840s and 1850s, especially in the Church of England, and many Anglo-Catholic parishes were founded at this time as “Free Churches” characterized by their lack of pew rentals. The rise of the sermon, as a central act in Christian worship, made the pew a standard item of church furniture.

In the first three centuries of the Early Christian Church, the practice of Christianity was illegal and few churches were constructed. Eventually, people were allowed to worship where they wanted. There were certain conditions to that worship though. From the 1600s through the mid 1800s, many churches’ seating arrangements were made by rank, with higher social classes sitting in pews nearest the altar.

As your local church welcomes thousands of visitors every year, it is important to refurbish the furniture including church pews and church steeple. Church steeple design leaves it open to of threats including earthquakes and lightning. Church steeple crosses can be the most recognizable element of any church.

Church furniture restoration can involve a number of areas of the church including pew refinishing, new pew cushions and altar furniture. It can be easy to fix cracks in church pews by repairing and refinishing them. It can be simple to restore church pews, often they just need to be re-stained and polyurethane to the finish.

Church pews and steeple restoration are a key part of maintaining a healthy appearance for your local church. You can make old products look new again with some quick alterations. Keep your members happy and make your church look like brand new by restoring your furniture.

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