Why Are Vacations So Good For Your Health?

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How important is your vacation to you? Many would put it pretty high on their list, as Americans are one of the busiest and most overworked people on the planet. Time off is not simply relaxation — it’s a way to recharge your creative batteries and spend time with those that matter most to you. Not everyone gets their chill on the same way, though, which is what leads to the popularity of Outer Banks vacation rentals. These have risen in appreciation for their variety in both prices and locations, giving people of all shapes and sizes the prime option for spending their leisure time in the most meaningful way possible.

Did You Know?

Here are some quick facts to start you off. Did you know that one in four Americans get no paid time off, according to recent surveys conducted by the Center For Economic And Policy Research? This is considered an anomaly worldwide, as the average worker in France or Italy will get at least a month off. Canada gives two weeks and Japan a week and a half, meaning Americans are often overworked and in dire need of a little respite. A survey revealed that only 25% of its participants use all their paid days each year, which is definitely a habit that needs to change!

How Much Does Paid Time Cost?

Budgets put a significant chunk toward maintaining paid leave and vacation initiative, particularly with full-time workers or government employees. This can amount to as much as half of a business’ entire budget, which is money well-spent in the long-term. Direct spending by both resident and international travelers in the United States average almost $2.6 billion every day — this is over $100 million per hour and $1 million per minute. Needless to say, business is booming! But how, exactly, do beach houses and locations like Outer Banks vacation rentals put much-needed support into the overall economy?

What Does Vacation Do For The Economy?

It’s a two-way street when it comes to vacations. Not only do they help the mental and physical health of workers with time off, they put money back into the local and international economy. Estimates have shown over 15 million jobs supported by travel expenditures, ranging from cooking to cleaning to tour guides. In fact, one in nine U.S. jobs depend on travel and tourism, so you can rest even easier knowing you’re keeping other peoples’ careers alive and thriving! Outer Banks vacation rentals are prime spots for a wide host of skills and talents, all working in careful harmony to encourage better general health in the population. But what, exactly, makes a trip to the beach house so good for you?

Why Are Vacations Good For Your Health?

While it’s an apt description to call the American economy a ‘working machine’, actual workers are anything but. When day-to-day wear and tear starts bringing you down, weekends are crucial in recharging your batteries and keeping you in top form. Nearly 40% of families say that vacations make them happy due to the free time they’re allowed to spend with their friends and loved ones, while another 30% said they would visit family exclusively if they were only allowed a single holiday per year. Workers who are overworked and feel under-appreciated report higher rates of illness and depression than those who are more financially and emotionally supported.

Where Should I Vacation?

Outer Banks vacation rentals have seen a rise in popularity for multiple reasons, least of all the incredible leisure time they offer people of all backgrounds. There’s nothing quite like a beach rental to bring out the best in your leisure time, with swimming, hiking and tanning just a few of the activities you can enjoy at your vacation destination. Around 60% of Americans preferred to do relaxing, with another 13% choosing exercising as a prominent way of spending their free time. Half of all Americans have reported they’ll be choosing a beach as their next location — where are you thinking of spending your time off?

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