Why Baby Sleep Training is So Important

During the first two months of life, babies have not developed a circadian rhythm, often referred to as the biological clock. In other words, they cannot tell the difference between night and day, waking, or sleeping. They do not have any routines on their own. It is up to parents to teach them, to be their baby sleep trainer. This baby sleep training is one of the most important gifts you can give to your child. Teaching them to sleep and wake independently has many benefits that will last them the rest of their lives.

Its common knowledge that babies need lots of sleep, much more than their parents. But the importance of their sleep is not just how much but also when and how they are sleeping. Everyone wakes up during the night a few times in between sleep cycles. Adults know how to put themselves back to sleep and often do not even realize they have awoken. A child without a baby sleep trainer doesn’t know how to do this but is still tired, so they fuss when they awake and deep sleep never occurs. When this happens several times a night, it leads to extreme tiredness not only in the baby but also in mom and dad.

Benefits for the Baby

Baby sleep coaching is crucial to your child. It allows your child to be well rested. They will be happier instead of fussy and cranky and more likely to adjust well to any changes. Sleep also allows children to process their day, to form memories both short and long term, and to learn language and cognitive functions more efficiently. Even for toddlers and young children, a baby sleep coach can be the difference between fighting to get shoes put on and teeth brushed or getting out the door on time.

However, good baby sleep also has some pretty significant health benefits too. For one, it helps build their immune system. Germ fighting cells called cytokines are produced only during deep sleep. Without these, your child is more likely to fall ill. Studies also show that children with poor sleep habits are more likely to become obese, develop heart disease and diabetes, and to exhibit symptoms of ADHD and ADD.

Benefits for Rest of the Family

When your baby is not sleeping well, the whole house is affected. For starters, you don’t get any sleep. You are lazy, irritable, not able to focus well; every little aspect of the day can be a real struggle. Preparing lunches, dinner, doing dishes, taking care of other children, and even getting alone time with your spouse all get put on the back burner, just waiting for a time when your baby isn’t fussing.

With a baby sleep trainer, things can be much different. An independent sleeper allows you to spend time with other children, your spouse, or just to get caught up on chores. You will be able to get more sleep, so you are well rested, making you happier, healthier, and a better parent.

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