The 6 Benefits of Making Clothes Donations

We all like the idea of giving back to the communities where we live. For many of us, the main thing that keeps us from doing this is that we just do not have the resources to make monetary donations. The good news is that we can do a lot for our fellow citizens by donating our time or our belongings. Many charities accept clothing donations, for example. If we cannot bring out items to the non-profit there are many charities that pick up donations.

The Benefits of Making Clothes Donations

  1. People can really use donated clothing. You may hate that green shirt you bought last year but someone else may be able to use it. You have probably heard of the phrase, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, right? That same principle applies to your used clothing. This is especially true for the clothing your kids have grown out of. About 80% of clothing that has been donated goes directly towards helping families in need. Whether you bring it in yourself or find charities that pick up donations, you will make a direct difference in the lives of people in your community.  Consider donating winter coats that your family can no longer wear. These items are always needed.
  2. It is great for the environment. Americans throw out about 12 tons of clothes and fabrics every year. Nearly 90% of that could be used by someone else. This means 12 tons of material would not be sent to landfills where it does no one any good. The clothes that are recycled this way keep someone from buying a new item and therefore a new one does not have to be made. The more items we can keep out of landfills, the better.
  3. It helps the economy. The unemployment rate in the United States is on the decline but that does not mean everyone who wants work has been able to find it. The unemployment rate for veterans is appallingly high, it hovers somewhere around 20.4% for veterans between the ages of 18 and 24. For all veterans that number is lower, it is about 10%, this is still much higher than the general national average. Recycling textiles and clothing was responsible for adding 17,000 jobs to the Unites States economy. When you donate your used clothing, you make this possible.
  4. It helps you become more organized. If you live in a region with actual seasons, organization experts recommend you go through your closet twice a year. Take out the clothes that have gone unworn for at least two seasons (two winters or two summers). Take out the clothes that no longer fit you. If you have lost weight, getting rid of your “fat clothes” will help you keep the weight off. Planning to give to charities that pick up donations, if you have a pick up time scheduled, that will give you a deadline to be ready for, will make you do that spring cleaning you may have been putting off.
  5. Build unity at work with a clothing drive. Contact area charities that pick up donations, schedule a pick up. Tell all your coworkers (and customers or clients if you have them) that you are holding a clothing drive and have everyone bring in their unwanted clothes. This will be a great way for your office to come together and maybe even get some good press coverage from the whole thing. Promote this on your social media channels.
  6. Save money on your taxes. Remember that any donation you make to a charity is tax deductible. If your donation is worth more than $250, you will need a receipt. Some people do not realize that item donations are viewed as the same as cash.

It is often a lot easier than you may think to make a big difference in the lives of people in your community. Even if you cannot donate money, you can always volunteer your time or your unwanted clothing. Unlike other things, these clothes will be used by someone and they will be very thankful for your generosity.

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