The Benefits of Living in a Master Planned Community

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Master planned communities are areas that are planned in careful detail right from the first idea all the way through to its construction. For the most part, master planned communities are built in places that are more under developed.

Master planned communities specifically, are residential and normally involved a lot of recreational activity areas like kids play area, parks, golf courses, areas to go jogging or hiking, scenic lakes and ponds, etc.

Now that you know a little more about these types of living areas, let’s focus on the potential benefits.

  1. One of the great things about a planned community is that when it is first formulated, it is done with more in mind than the usual neighborhood. Planned communities are planned in great detail without the neighborhood being the center of the plan. Most often, the main amenity is the focus; the golf course or the lake or other feature. It’s not just about where you live but it’s also about the surrounding areas; where your children can have play dates or pets run freely. The main focus is having a beautiful and luxurious place to play as well as live. Everything a tenant or a homeowner could want or need is right there in the community.

  2. The landscaping is very well taken care of to ensure a gorgeous living area for the people who live there. Usually, different companies are hired to take care of the grass, trees, pool, playgrounds as well as any other amenities that need regular upkeep. The homeowners are not responsible for the care of these areas, ensuring that the entire community is kept up to standard.

  3. After finding out all of the perks of the community, you may think that they would be extremely expensive to live in but that’s not exactly the case. The floor plans are all very similar to one another within the same community. This makes the prices considerably competitive once they go to market. This also means that the homes can not drop in value because of another neighbor’s property. The HOA makes sure that each person keeps their homes in top condition.

  4. There are no corners cut when it comes to planned communities. The neighborhoods are built by contractors that have many years of experience and expertise. The quality of the foundation and structure of each home and the surrounding areas is extremely high. Master planned community developers hire only the best contractors to build their homes.

As you can the benefits of master planned communities are many and there’s many reasons to want to be a part of one. If you are looking into buying a new home, you may want to find a master planned community in your area, especially if you have a family and children to look after.

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