Why It Is Essential To Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Carpet stain removal

When was the last time you cleaned your carpet or had it professionally cleaned? Let?s be honest. It has probably been a while since you really invested time, effort and money into making sure your carpet is clean. From pet stains, to dirt stains, to potential water damage, carpet can get dirty quickly. When it becomes unclean, carpet can actually carry viruses and cause health issues for those living in the home. That?s one of the main reasons why it is so important to regularly use carpet stain removal and hire professional carpet cleaners to take care of your home?s carpet.

Interested in learning more about the effects of dirty carpet on your home and those living in it? Keep reading to find out just what type of viruses your carpet can hold when you don?t regularly use carpet stain removal and carpet cleaning services.

Negative Effects of Dirty Carpet in Your Home

There are a variety of things that can go wrong if you do not get your carpet cleaned. Listed here are a few of the main issues that can occur if you do not use carpet stain removal.

1. Norwalk virus

If your carpet goes uncleaned for over a month, the Norwalk virus, also known as Norovirus, can continue to survive in the carpet. Once it has found a place to survive, it can grow and become more of an issue. The longer you leave your carpet dirty, the more likely it is that Norovirus has taken root in your carpet.

2. Dust mites

Believe it or not, carpet throughout your home can hold quite a bit of dust. When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense that the carpet is where dust would go to in your home. There is dust all around, and it has to end up somewhere unless you are regularly dusting your furniture. Statistics show that 43 millions tons of dust falls every single year in the United States. As it falls, it has to fall onto something, and in most cases, it falls right into your carpet. That explains why dust mites are often found in carpet. In fact, for every one ounce of carpet dust, there can be around 2,000 dust mites living and prospering.

3. Pet urine

Do you have pets in your home that sometimes choose to urinate on your carpet? If they do, you should always use some type of dog pee stain removal as soon as possible. Urine contains ammonia which can be a health hazard once it settles into carpet and furniture. Those living in the home can begin to experience health problems like respiratory disease or skin irritation if carpet stain removal is not used quickly to get rid of pet urine.

4. Water damage

If there has been a leak in your house that resulted in water damage to the ground, you need to check on the quality of your carpet as soon as possible. When left untreated, this can result in mold or mildew growing in your carpet and on your floors. As mold and mildew continue to exist in your home, they can result in different health issues for those living in the home. The Environmental Protection Agency believes all mold has the potential to cause such issues for one?s health.

How Often You Should Clean Your Carpet

So, if you want to prevent some of these issues that can result from not cleaning your carpet or from not rug stain cleaning, it is best to follow the advice from professionals about how often to clean carpet. Obviously, if you notice a stain on your carpet, use carpet stain removal as soon as possible.

Just because you cannot visibly see a stain on your carpet, that does not mean your carpet is automatically clean. Every year to year and a half, you should have your carpet professionally cleaned all throughout your home. This is precautionary and professionals are known to catch stains you may have missed throughout the year.

How often do you regularly clean your carpet or have it professionally cleaned? Let us know your thoughts in the comments about carpet stains, how to remove carpet stain, and environmentally friendly carpet cleaning.

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