Why You Should Avoid Universal Remotes

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More than half of American households have more than 3 devices in their living rooms that require a remote control, and 20% of Americans report having a perfectly functional electronic device that can’t be used because the remote is broken or missing. This might be enough to drive any fed-up TV owner to look for universal remotes, but stop right there. All in one remote controls are usually more of a hassle than they are a solution, and here is why:

  • Price- a top of the line universal remote can run hundreds of dollars.
  • Buttons- all in one remote controls need to have enough buttons to control the functions of several devices, making them clunky and the button you need impossible to find.
  • Functionality- Universal remotes cannot provide all the functions that your original device remote was designed to do.
  • Programming- Universal remote programming technology has not kept up with the times, and syncing one of those with all your devices is a migraine (or a remote through the TV) waiting to happen. The manufacturer’s remotes never need to be programmed.
  • Size- Most Universal remotes are large and clunky out of necessity, to fit all the buttons.

So what’s a remote-less home to do? Well, there are a couple of solutions. If the remote is gone, you can replace it via companies that specialize in replacing all remotes from the manufacturer for much cheaper than a universal remote would cost. If you have the original remote controls but they’re just not working, there’s a very simple process that will revive 1 in 3 dead remotes.

  1. Take out the batteries.
  2. Push and release every button on the remote one at a time.
  3. If there’s a slide switch, slide it and repeat step 2, then slide it back.
  4. Replace the batteries (your best bet is new batteries to be sure).
  5. Try the remote.

If it doesn’t work, it’s time to look into replacement remotes that are the original model and will work perfectly with your device.

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