With Summer Upon Us, This May Be a Great Time to Get a Flag for Your Porch

Decorative mailbox flags

Flags play a significant part in our culture, whether they are American flags displayed on Independence Day or year-round, decorative summer flags to make give your home that extra idyllic touch, or decorative holiday flags to commemorate special occasions. There also plenty of novelty flags for sale on the market.

All that said, the rich history and meaning of flags is not something about which we often think, but they can give us a better appreciation of their many uses. The Saxon term for floating or flying midair–fflaken–is the origin of “flag.” As one might expect, the initial purpose of the flag was to help organize troops in the throes of battle during war.

The visual aesthetic of flags, including color choice, also came to carry with it particular meanings. Red, for example, typically represents courage and fortitude. A flag’s canton is situated in the corner to the upper left of the flag. While this is not something that is necessarily common knowledge, someone who is learned in Vexillology or frequent visits flag stores.

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