You Can Get the Best Customer Pool Builder with These 5 Tips

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People love to swim. In the United States, it is the fourth most popular sport. If you swim vigorously for an hour, you will burn about 650 calories. This may be one of the reasons that there are about 10.6 million pools around the country. If you are thinking about adding a quality custom pool to your home, you need to find the right custom pool builders to design and and install it for you. Here are some tops to get the right company for the job.

Talk to your friends, family and neighbors. When it comes to getting good quality products and services, you really cannot beat personal recommendations. Ask your family members, friends, colleagues and coworkers and neighbors about custom pool builders in your area. Do you know people who have had custom inground pools put in that you really like? How about some that you hate? Ask who did the work and design. You want to find custom pool designers who have an aesthetic that is similar to yours.

  1. Set your budget. Before you start any big home improvement project, you need to know what you can spend on it. Look over your finances and decide what you can spend on your custom pool project. This will narrow down your luxury pool options and may be a big factor in what companies you hire to put in your pool. Remember, if you are selling your home, putting in a pool can raise its value.
  2. Get quotes in writing from a few custom pool builders. Make sure the quotes have details about all the things that they will charge you for. If they need to do a lot of work on your landscaping or on the trees and bushes on your property, the costs for those services need to be spelled out. Some companies will advertise one super low price to get customers in the door but then there are a lot of add on fees. The end cost ends up being a lot different than what the homeowner was expecting. You should make sure the custom pool builders go out to your property and explain everything they think they will have to do to make your dream pool a reality.
  3. Price is a factor but it is not the only factor. After you have received some quotes and know everything that is needed to put your pool in has been included in the estimates, think about the quality of the work. The cheapest quote is always attractive and tempting but they may not do the best work so the least expensive pool company bid may end up costing you more later By the same token, the most expensive may not do the best work. Just keep that in mind when you are evaluating the different custom pool builders in your area.
  4. Decide what you want. Do you want this pool to be used mainly for lap swimming? Do you want to include a hot tub at one end? Do you have a style of pool that you really like or dislike? Knowing what you like will make it easier to get a custom pool that you will use and enjoy.
  5. Ask a lot of questions. To give you a sense of what you should ask, here are some to bring with you. Do not go with any company that does not want to take the time to answer your questions. If they do not have the time for your before you hire them, the chances are good that they are not going to make the time afterwards.
    • How long has your business existed?
    • What made you want to do this?
    • Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?
    • Are there any former or current clients I can talk to?
    • Can I see photos of your work?
    • What are my payment options?
    • What is the timeline for completion of this project?
    • How many similar projects have you done?
    • What kind of insurance, certifications and licenses do you have and need?
    • What services do you offer for pool maintenance?

Putting in a pool at your home is a big project. It can also add a lot of value and fun to your home.

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