3 of the Best Luxury Apartments in the New York City

New luxury apartment

One of the reasons people love professionally managed apartments is because they provide the highest standard of service, customer care, daily maintenance, and in many cases even provide prepared meals. The best luxury apartments come with a variety of features and amenities to make your stay a comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable one. A lot of times they can be rented at affordable rates, meaning someone who wouldn’t necessarily be able to afford buying a house of similar value can go the luxury apartment rental route.

The following list does not contain any of those such units. While there are certainly more expensive and extensive choices around the world, here are three of the most beautiful apartment buildings in New York City and what it would cost you to get into one of these luxury apartment rentals, with help from the local neighborhood and real estate site NY.curbed.com.

    1.) Trump Park Avenue: The city’s Upper East Side is home to some of the most expensive luxury apartment rentals in the world, the penthouse on top of Trump Park Avenue is no exception. For $150,000 a month you do get access to the private roof top terrace and dining room featuring 22 arched windows.

    2.) 85 Leonard Street: If living downtown is more your thing (along with being a millionaire of course) this location in Tribeca is arguably the most expensive luxury apartment rental you’ll be able to find. This summer the rent doubled from what it was last year to a cool $100,000 a month. The 7,000 square-foot center city apartment spans four floors, features 16-foot ceilings, and your own private garden.

    3.) Pierre Hotel Penthouse: Some claim the 39th floor of the Pierre Hotel on the Upper East Side is the most expensive apartment in the entire city. At $500,000 per month it’s hard to argue. Along with all the standard luxury features of similar units this one comes with your own butler and maid services, “pet pampering,” and the use of a Jaguar with a chauffeur. Because if you’re paying half a million dollars to live somewhere you clearly can’t be bothered to do anything actually for yourself.

Most people choose to rent as a way to save money and limit expenses during times of their lives when money isn’t necessarily plentiful. In total, about 35% of Americans rent in the United States. For the elite renting has a different purpose and standard. These are just a couple glimpses into how the other half rents.

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