Giving Your Home the Warmth and Comfort of the Farmhouse Style

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Giving your home the “farmhouse chic” interior design style is a great way to achieve a warm, open and timeless look. The farmhouse chic style is a decidedly Americana look, reminiscent of old farmhouses, devoid of unnecessary clutter, utilizing the natural resources of the land to supply the essential goods in the home. Here are ideas for furnishing a home for giving your home the farmhouse chic look, on any home furnishing budget:

  • Leverage the natural warmth of wood. Wood furnishings were common in farmhouses because it was an easily accessible material that could be drawn from the land, and many farmers filled their homes with what they could build themselves. To bring the farmhouse spirit to your home, consider laying hardwood floors and utilizing wood fixtures. If that is beyond your home furnishing budget, a great way to achieve the look without the expense is to utilize reclaimed furniture. The dings and imperfections of used furniture adds to the rustic feel of the farmhouse chic look.
  • Choose a sturdy dining room table. The dining room table is probably to most iconic fixture of the farmhouse style. If you only have the home furnishing budget to invest in one piece of furniture, it won’t disappoint to put that money towards a stout, solid wood farmhouse-style dining table. If you do not have the funds for any furniture shopping, the simplistic design of the classic farmhouse dining table is not difficult to build yourself. Otherwise, use a large wood cutting board to give your existing kitchen table the farmhouse feeling.
  • Mix and match furnishings. In classic farm households, the decor was made up of heirloom pieces handed down from one generation to the next. These furnishings were collected over decades of weddings, births, and deaths throughout a family. They didn’t always correspond with each other, which added to the charm. In your home, you can achieve the same look by shopping at thrift stores, antique malls and yard sales for late 19th to early 20th century style chairs, dressers, end tables, etc. The more varied the pieces are, the more charming.
  • Choose light and bright coloring. Many rustic farmhouses had white walls out of necessity, using color on the walls was too costly. However, as white reflects light, this created a bright, spacious feeling in the home and is aesthetically pleasing against the contrast of the wood floors and furnishings.
  • Use non-wood materials for accent pieces. A few well placed ceramic pitchers, hand-painted tiles, or metal lanterns against the minimalist look of the farmhouse chic style can have striking impact. Remember that less is more with the farmhouse style, so be picky when choosing such accents. To avoid unnecessary clutter, it’s a good idea to follow the wise words of the great designer, William Morris: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

Do you have any ideas for creating the farmhouse chic style that we didn’t mention? Please leave your suggestions in the comment section.

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