3 Tips For Planning A Nerdy Wedding

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If you’re reading this, you’re not like other married-people-to-be. You don’t have a beer after work–you have a flaggon of ale. Your hobbies have nothing to do with football, and everything to do with Quidditch. You are not obsessing over the wedding dress–you got that at the Renaissance Faire five years ago, it has fairy wings (obviously), and your main concern now is getting your hair to stay in the medieval French braids you saw in “Braveheart.”

Despite your counter-cultural ideas of fun however, wanting to share your special day with the people you love is a universal desire, and that involves planning a wedding. You’re not so concerned with what’s traditional; the average number of bridesmaids (four) and the most “in” table china (geometric) is of no concern to you. But planning revels of this caliber still involves hundreds of details, and you want to do it right. Turning to the internet was your first good move, as this is how even alternative couples get inspiration nowadays! Below are a few tips for planning the perfect nerdy wedding that we hope will get you started on the right path:

1. Consider an outdoor venue. Not only does an outdoor party put you closer to nature, a staple in any bygone festivity, tabletop game, or pagan affair, it provides you with more flexibility. Some indoor wedding halls might only provide preset decor and food options, and we’re betting none of them involve coats of arms or large slices of mutton. But at a backyard party you are the boss, and Mother Nature with her fine grasp of color theory is your wedding planner! Speaking of this…

2. Rent a tent. While Mother Nature has a pretty great grasp on timelessness and color, her weather taste needs some work. A tent is the most essential of wedding rentals because it puts Mother Nature in her place and assures that the party will go on even if rain is destined for your special event. We are particularly fond of sailcloth tents, as they are clean, simple, and naturally waterproof. Best of all for the nerdy couple, they call to mind bygone Viiking caucuses, pirates, and conquering Armadas! Not to mention, they provide a great base for any decorative embellishment you can think of.

3. Consider dance floor rental. A dance floor may seem like an extravagant piece of party equipment, especially since you and your nerdy significant other probably won’t be swaying to the usual top 40 currently clogging up the air waves. But trust us–dance floor rental is the way to go, and really opens up the reception possibilities. At one unique after party, a bride had a Renaissance dance teacher come in, and he used the sound of people’s feet on the dance floor to teach old steps! At another reception, the dance floor rental was used as an impromptu battle ground for choreographed fencers and Wizard’s Chess games!

Just take a moment to visualize it; a beautiful forest or national park, wild and untamed except for the graceful, timeless tent that protects a rough-hewn dance floor. Your guests don’t know it yet, but this is sacred ground. A meeting place juxtaposed elegantly with the wilderness all around you. This is the blank canvas where you will celebrate your love in a way that says “I am me! My husband/wife is awesome! Nerdy and proud!!”

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