3 Things You Won’t Believe You Can Get with Modern Home Plans

Modern home design

Are you planning on buying a new home? You may have considered buying new or working with a home builder because you have the freedom to decide on exactly what you want in your house. However, there are some other advantages of buying new as opposed to getting a resale, and they may not be the reasons you think.

Why do modern home plans stand apart from the homes of the past? Here are three reasons why modern homes in master planned communities give buyers what they want.

    1. More space. Over the past few decades, homes have increased in size to allow buyers to have more space to move around. Since 1973, homes have increased about 1,000 square feet in size on average, going from 1,660 square feet 40 years ago to 2,679 square feet in 2013. Modern home plans today typically feature open concept layouts with large kitchens and family rooms, perfect for entertaining. Today, homes also tend to have more bedrooms and at least two or more bathrooms, a feature preferred by as many as 80% of homeowners surveyed.

    2. Better amenities. Many homes today have better amenities than they did in previous years. Updated kitchen and bath fixtures, new energy-efficient appliances, and modern home plans that allow families to maximize their usable space are all some of the most sought after features for home buyers. These days, a staggering 94% of home buyers say that Energy Star-rated appliances are a necessity in a new home.

    3. Ideal locations. You probably know the old adage, “Location, location, location.” Just as it works for businesses, it matters for homes, too. Most home buyers look at school boundaries as their guide for where they want to purchase a home. As many as 91% of buyers in one Realtor.com survey found this to be one of the most important factors in their search. Other things to consider, besides schools are the proximity to shopping and green space, such as parks or other spots for recreation.

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