How To Find DIY Custom Pergola Ideas

What is a pergola

First things first, what are custom pergolas? A pergola is one of the earliest inventions of architecture. It’s a garden feature that uses vertical posts and an open lattice design to create sitting areas, shade, or walkways, and often features vines or other garden elements.

Custom pergolas are often called arbors, and they’re a popular garden feature all over the world. In Australia many homeowners have sturdy, steel custom pergolas to provide shade from the harsh Outback sun. In Italy, you’ll find ancient pergolas overgrown with grape vines, and in American gardens you’ll find homemade pergolas in backyards from coast to coast.

If you’re looking to plant more than just flowers and shrubs in your garden this year, then custom pergolas can make your landscaping stand out from the DIY crowd. But how do you find the best ideas for custom pergolas?

You check out this list:

  • Social Media: Sites like Pinterest are obviously great for Do It Yourselfers, but you can also find great design ideas on Twitter as well. If you find a designer you like, follow their social media accounts in order to find the designers they like.
  • Do It Yourself and Home Improvement Websites: If there’s one thing the DIY set loves more than anything else, it’s showing off! Fortunately, that means there are tons of great How To and DIY home design websites featuring the latest ideas and trends in custom pergolas.
  • Pergolas NJ: Sometimes all you need to find the best pergola design ideas are a blank slate. You can buy pre-fab, handmade pergolas from many Amish gazebos and pergola workshops in New Jersey online. Once the pergola is delivered to your home, you can customize it to your liking.
  • Local Hardware Store: The Web has taken over our lives, and sometimes people forget there actually is a life outside of the internet. Don’t be afraid to go to your local garden or hardware store and browse the aisles for design ideas. The staff at garden stores can be particularly helpful in finding ideas for custom pergolas that incorporate vines and flowers into their designs.

Remember: good artists create, great artists STEAL. If you find a design you like, don’t be afraid to take it for your own.

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