3 Ways Parents Can Deal With the Terrible Twos

Healthy food for picky toddlers

For many, having a newborn is at first sheer bliss and a delight. But once a child turns the dreaded 24 months, the terrible twos kick in and all hell breaks loose. Ask any parent and they’ll tell you that toddlers are extremely difficult to handle during this phase. More often than not, terrible twos behavior results in toddler screaming tantrums, and fussy eaters toddlers galore.

So how do you deal with this super rocky period in your child’s life without pulling out all of your beautiful, precious strands of hair? Here are a few tips that will help make dealing with the terrible twos a little bit more manageable for both you and your child:

Set Boundaries
Toddlers need to understand that there are clear consequences to their negative behavior. For this reason, it’s important to tell them “no” at the right times and “yes” at the appropriate times. Reinforce positive behavior and make sure your child understands that there are consequences when they cross certain boundaries.

Create the Illusion of Choice
More than anything, toddlers are just tiny, disenfranchised dictators, vying for control and ultimate world domination. In order to help them feel like they are in more control of their choices, give them options regarding their day-to-day activities and their food choices. Even if these choices are curated by you, this at least gives them the illusion of agency that they wanted and needed.

Give Them Responsibility
Small tasks that are easily achievable help toddlers to keep busy, maintain a sense of purpose, and bolster their self confidence and self esteem. From small tasks such as asking them to set the dinner table, throw out tissues or napkins, or have them dry dishes after washing them to bigger ones like helping you fold laundry, kids will love to keep busy and you’ll love the help around the home! Read more about this topic at this link. Read more.

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