Adult Communities Help Families Remain Close

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A generation ago people spoke in hushed whispers of having to send their parents or grandparents to retirement homes. Often these were little more than hospital environments that took only elderly patients. This mental image keeps many people from exploring the many benefits of modern day adult communities. While it is certainly true that one of the main benefits of moving to modern retirement facilities is on site healthcare, it is far from the only benefit. Indeed, according to many residents it is not even the benefit for which they are most grateful.

Independence is Important for Overall Happiness

Adult communities offer elder housing that promotes independence and promotes higher self-esteem for its residents. According to recent surveys, the people who claim to be happiest during their retirement are those who participate in three to four activities on a regular basis. Those who participate in only one or two report being far less happy with their overall quality of life. Senior living communities provide a wide variety of daily activities such as art and gardening, for residents to enjoy. Because these activities are conveniently located they are far more accessible for those residents who may have decreased mobility due to driving restrictions.

Adult communities also allow residents to meet with their friends during communal meal times. Typically, the community gathers together in a communal dining room in order to share companionship and meet with friends. This is also an excellent opportunity for residents to meet new people and engage in lively conversation that is so crucial for maintaining a healthy outlook. One of the chief complaints of many adults who live alone is that they miss having someone to talk to, even if their basic needs are being met. Adult communities provide a measure of independence that allows residents to have the freedom of socialization within safe boundaries.

Surprising Benefits of Adult Communities

One of the most surprising benefits for those living in adult communities, and for their family members, is how much closer family relationships can become. When residents feel they have regained some of their independence they no longer feel resentment for the lack of time they have with their family members. Family members also begin to see the relationship more as it was in years past where communication was paramount rather than caregiving. While families are more than happy to care for their loved ones it can put stress on the relationships.

Many of the residents of adult communities need help with a portion of their daily activities such as bathing and dressing. An assisted living facility is staffed to provide these services and also provide supervision 24 hours a day. Meals and snacks are scheduled and served so residents don?t skip meals due to memory or inability. Laundry services, general maintenance to apartments, housekeeping, transportation, healthcare, and medication management can all be handled by experienced staff members. This frees up time for families to focus on what truly matters, building and sustaining their interpersonal relationships. Having their own place allows residents to invite family and friends over much as they have always done, and can make families grow and remain closer than other types of arrangements.

Modern retirement homes are nothing like nursing homes of years gone by. They are bright, cheerful, and entertaining communities that make the safety and happiness of residents their first priority. Adult communities truly are communities where residents can make new friends and maintain existing relationships.

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