3 Ways to Donate Clothing Items to Charity

Donate clothes

Statistics show that 70% of people in the United States make a charitable donation each year. Many donations that people make are through donating clothing. If you decide to donate clothes, it’s understandable to know what options are available. Here are three ways to donate your clothing to the Red Cross.

Visiting a Donation Center

One great way to donate clothes is by visiting a nearby donation center. You’ll find a Red Cross donation center in towns all across the nation. Visiting a donation center is a quick and easy process. You’ll want to ensure that you remember your donations during tax time. In many cases, a donation to a charity is something you can deduct from your taxes.

Donating to Drop Off Boxes

Not all Red Cross clothing donations need to be done within a center. You’ll find Red Cross drop off boxes used by many businesses. These boxes make it easy for people to donate clothing by simply placing items within the box. A representative comes to collect the box and the contents inside. Many large businesses and school have these boxes placed to collect a massive amount of donations from works and students, respectively.

Clothing Pick Up

Your donated items are of the utmost importance to the Red Cross. The Red Cross clothing pick up is a great option for those who are unable to leave their homes. When utilizing a clothing pick up service, you’ll just need to have the items ready to be collected. Many people who need assistance in leaving the home prefer clothing pick up as it makes donating much easier.

In closing, there are several ways to donate clothing to charity. Statistics show that 3% of all income in the United States is given back to charities each year. You’ll find that visiting a donation center is a great way to donate clothing items. Drop off boxes are often used to collect items from large groups of people at a single location. Red Cross clothing pick up makes it incredibly easy to have donated items taken away from your home. Giving clothes to charity helps makes you feel great while clothing those who need it most.

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