Why Red Cross Donations Matter

If you’re like many people living throughout the United States, you have more clothing than you realistically know what to do with. After all, more than 20 billion garments are consumed on an annual basis all throughout the United States, with the average person living here consuming up to 68 articles of clothing on average […]

When to Donate Clothing to the Red Cross

It may not come as a surprise to hear that the modern textiles industry is one of the biggest in the entire world, and people always need something to wear. A lot of clothes are made for everyday wear, such as shirts and jeans, or coats and gloves. Other clothing may be formal wear or […]

3 Ways to Donate Clothing Items to Charity

Statistics show that 70% of people in the United States make a charitable donation each year. Many donations that people make are through donating clothing. If you decide to donate clothes, it’s understandable to know what options are available. Here are three ways to donate your clothing to the Red Cross. Visiting a Donation Center […]