Why Red Cross Donations Matter

If you’re like many people living throughout the United States, you have more clothing than you realistically know what to do with. After all, more than 20 billion garments are consumed on an annual basis all throughout the United States, with the average person living here consuming up to 68 articles of clothing on average in this same span of time. This person is likely to consume as many as 7 total pairs of shoes as well, which is also quite the impressive amount.

And there is even more data that has been gathered on this subject. For instance, the average woman of today now owns, on average, as many as 30 different outfits. This means that she will effectively have a brand new outfit for each and every single day of the month. To put this in stark comparison, a woman living in the United States back in the 1930s would have only had around nine different outfits in total, if even that. Even in comparison to just 20 years in the past, a short two decades, the average person today has double the articles of clothing.

But most of us don’t have the space to put it and so must get rid of it. Unfortunately, this all too often leads to people simply throwing articles of clothing away. The average adult person in this country will simply discard up to ten pounds of clothing over the course of just one single year. In some cases, even more clothing will be thrown away, sent straight to the landfill. But donating our used clothing can change that. If you get rid of everything that no longer fits as well as everything that you haven’t worn for six months or longer, you’ll be able to free up a good deal of space in your home – as well as prevent a good deal of clothing from ever ending up in a landfill. After all, very nearly 100% of all textile products can be donated instead of simply being thrown away, meaning that there is no excuse not to make a charitable donation.

And if you make a charitable clothing donation, you should consider donating to an American Red Cross donation center. After all, the average American Red Cross donation center plays a hugely important role in the United States, providing many necessities that the American Red Cross is in need of. For the American Red Cross provides a great many services indeed, many sourced from the nearest American Red Cross donation center. For instance, you can give your old clothing to a Red Cross donation center and in fact donating clothing is one of the most common ways to give back. Donating food is also possible and the average American Red Cross donation center is also likely to take blankets. American Red Cross donations can also be made in the form of blood, if clothing donations aren’t really your thing.

But donating to the American Red Cross is certainly a very important thing to do. Not only do they provide all of the services listed above, but they provide them nearly constantly as well. As a matter of fact, they are not only open every hour of the day, but every single day of the year as well, including holidays and weekends. This means that people who are in need will be able to get the help that they need in a timely way and won’t have to wait overly long to do so. Therefore, giving to a Red Cross donation center in your area is going to be a very worthwhile thing to do indeed, to say the very least.

For many people, giving back is part of being a good citizen, not only of the United States but of the world in its entirety. Fortunately, this has become the case for up to 70% of the United States, a number that represents the people who give to charity at least once over the course of a typical year. And even if you just give back in a small way, that is still worth something and is still far better indeed than never taking the time to give back at all.

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