3 Ways Your Family’s Clothing Donations Can Help Make the World a Better Place

Donating clothing to charity

Many people are hesitant to put more time and effort into make clothing donations because they’re just not quite sure who or what their donations are helping. The fact of the matter is that your local charities are helping families in need, specifically families of veterans and the blind. These small donations are often the difference for many between homelessness and a normal, happy life.

The average American discards an alarming 68 pounds of clothing every year, and most of these items are gently used and can be given to those who are truly in need. If you’ve ever wondered exactly where your charitable donations are going, here are the three main beneficiaries of your graciousness:

    1. Veterans: Helping military families is one of the most important things you do when you decide to give back with clothing donations. The statistics on veterans’ hardships in assimilating back into society are truly alarming. The unemployment rate of veterans is more than 2% higher than that of the average citizen, and about 27% of military families have credit card debts higher than $10,000. By donating clothing to charity, you help defend the freedom of those who once helped defend you.

    2. The Blind: There are over 6.5 million adults in America who suffer from either partial or total vision loss, and much of your donation goes to these deserving people. It goes without saying that getting a good job to support a family when you’re blind is almost impossible, and the clothing donations you give to local organizations give them a sense of normality in having a consistent wardrobe for themselves and their families.

    3. The Environment: When you make clothing donations, you not only help the people in your community, but the environment you live in. Discarding old clothes is one of the most wasteful habits Americans today seem to have. As far as clothing is concerned, 99% of what is thrown away can easily be recycled and reused. There is an eye-popping 12 million tons of textile waste produced by Americans each year. Donating your clothing instead of throwing it out will improve the quality of life for this generation as well as generations to come.

When you find yourself with a big pile of unwanted clothing, think of the ways that your trash can be turned into something of value for someone in need. It is easy, free, and one of the most rewarding things you can do.

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