Too Busy To Drop Off Clothes? Call For Charity Pick Up

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Spring cleaning doesn’t always have to happen in the spring. When the cold season comes along and you find you’re low on essential items but have a surplus of clothes that don’t fit you or won’t keep the cold at bay, what do you do? Well, you call for a charity pick up! In these busy times it can be hard to take time out of your packed schedule to drop off clothes at the local charity, which is where charitable donations come in. They’re a quick and efficient way of clearing out your closet, with the added benefit of supporting your local community and cleaning up the environment.

It’s As Simple As One, Two, Three!

Donating to charity helps your community and clears up space in your closet. If you can’t drop by a local charity, call for pick up clothing donations and have them come straight to your doorstep. All you have to do is give them a scheduled time, easy directions and a box of clothes they can easily find outside your door. After that, you’re already on your way to a cleaner house and a happier neighborhood!

Helping The Clothing Industry

The clothing industry is a hustling and bustling one in the U.S., with the textile recycling industry alone accounting for 17,000 jobs across the country. People work day and night to reuse the viable materials on old clothes, such as latex and cotton, and put them toward future creations. However, charitable donations not only help those who work in the clothing industry, but the environment as well!

Donate Clothes And Go Green

Did you know that a whopping 90% of the clothing and textiles thrown out every year in the U.S. could have been recycled? There are over 12 million tons of clothing thrown into landfills yearly and donating your clothes to those who need them reduces environmental strain by a significant amount. Spring or fall, every day is a good day to call a charity pick up, clean up landfills and support your local community!

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