Here’s Why You Should Donate Your Clothing

Helping families in need

In this capitalistic world, it can sometimes feel like we never have enough stuff. But the truth is, we all have enough stuff, and there’s always someone out there who needs help. This, among many reasons, is why the act of donating clothing is so important.
In Philadelphia alone, there are around 440,000 people living below the poverty line. Many of these individuals rely on the services of organizations for clothing, shelter, and other essential life goods. Clothing donations go to helping families in need, military charities, and beyond.
In addition to military charities and the like, donating your clothing is a great way to cleanse your life of old things. Remember that sweater you haven’t worn since high school? Or that tie you wore when you had your first kiss? Chances are, none of these things are necessary and ridding yourself of them is good for the space in your home and as a means of emotional cleansing.
One of the other perks of donating clothing is buying second-hand clothing for yourself. Second-hand clothing is less expensive, top-quality, and is a great way to prevent the rampant textile waste that transpires regularly in the fashion industry. In fact, approximately 12 million pounds of textile clothing is thrown away each year. This clothing is often in good condition and needn’t be disposed of.
But how do you donate clothing? Luckily, clothing donation is made especially easy these days, thanks to non-profit organizations. Donation pickup centers exist in multiple areas across the country — some even exist in gas stations. Many churches also have charity clothing pickups that make donating old clothing and other items a painless and convenient process.
So what do you say? Donate some clothing today! If you have any questions, contact a local church, non-profit organization, or check the internet for the cloest clothing drop-off center.

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