Give to Charity Easily with These 3 Clothing Drop Off Locations

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If you’ve recently cleaned out a closet or two in your home, then you probably wonder what you need to do to get rid of them. Unfortunately, many people add their textile waste to the landfill, leading to millions of tons of clothing being thrown away. However, this material is salvageable about 95% of the time, making this form of waste unnecessary. The good news is that you can donate clothing to charity instead, so it can be reused and recycled.

Some may not know when to donate clothes to charity organizations, thinking that they are only welcome once or twice a year. However, any time is the right time. The real trick is knowing where to donate. Here are three simple clothing drop off locations that make helping others, yourself, and the planet a breeze:

Secondhand Stores

An estimated 20% of donated clothing goes to secondhand shops, also called thrift stores. This is beneficial for people who need low cost options to clothe themselves and their families. These shops typically take donations to sell, but some will give them away, too.

Drop Boxes

If you need to donate quickly, one option is to use a drop box. Often located in parking lots, these boxes allow clothing donations and other small household items if you have them. Unlike stopping into a local charity, though, this doesn’t give you the chance to get a receipt for your donation, which could mean a tax write-off at the end of the year.

Recycled Buildings

Each year, thousands of buildings are left empty as businesses close. The National Association of Convenience Stores reports that since 1991, 50,000 gas stations have been abandoned around the United States. As a result, more “green” businesses are looking to fill the space in these old buildings as an environmentally friendly way to start up. Some charities are also doing the same thing. See if there are any charities in your area who have reclaimed a building to use for donations, recycling, or other purposes.

If you have any mobility issues or simply don’t have the time to head to your local charity, then you may also be eligible for a clothing donation pick up right at your door. Have more questions about how you can help others with your donations or where to find clothing drop off locations near yo? Leave us a comment.

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