4 Additions That Will Make Your Luxury Home More Valuable

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The decision to build your own home is always momentous; it’s even more so when the home in question is a luxury home, most of which cost more than $1 million. Designer home plans allow people to have their home … owning dreams realized. However, there is a lot to take into consideration when having a luxury home built. With the right preparations and qualified custom home builders, the ideal home is more than attainable!

1. Invest In Luxury Amenities

A big part of luxury custom home plans is the availability of amenities. Luxury amenities are important to consider not only for the homeowner’s personal comfort, but for the value they add to the home should it ever be put on the market. Keep track of the amenities that are newer and more on trend, like home spa rooms, custom wine cellars and tasting rooms, outdoor kitchens, wood ovens, solar panels, and geothermal heating and cooling systems. Stone bathtubs and infinity pools are also popular and valuable potential additions to designer home plans. Remember that any investments put into this home should not only be recouped should the house be put on the market, but contribute towards making a profit.

2. Consider A Guest Cottage

Guest cottages are a great addition to luxury homes with enough extra property. They’re far better than a guest room, and can house friends and family on vacation. For some they can also be seen as a good opportunity to collect rent. On average, guest cottages are 1,200 feet and have 1 to bedroom. You can consult with your custom home builder about the plausibility of a guest cottage, and usually, designer home plans for the guest cottage can be drawn up by the same contracting company that is managing the building of the main house.

3. Add Cutting Edge Technology Wherever You Can

Smart homes are a part of the hottest trend on the luxury home market. A fully … wired smart system connects electronic devices and security systems to things like smartphones and tablets. This makes the entire home “connected” in some way, and creates an easy … to … access smart home that will only increase the house’s value. Another up … to … date option is making your home eco … friendly.

4. Get On The Eco … Friendly Trend

Due to the popularity of environmentally friendly homes, “green” options are already a part of many custom home models. It’s easier to be eco … friendly than you’d think, too: an addition as simple as a convection oven cooks food 25% faster and uses less energy than other ovens. Geothermal systems also use a lot less energy than their counterparts, and ensure that your home heads into the future, with more value tacked to its price tag.

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