How Electric Beds Can Give You a Fuller, More Restful Night’s Sleep

Adjustable base bed

Sleep is one of those things that you’ll never catch up on once you lose it. Having a good night’s sleep is important for a sharp mind, refreshed body, and base human functionality, so why is it that most Americans spend their nights tossing and turning only to wake up in pain? Those people could surly benefit from adjustable electric beds, which can help relieve pain, discomfort, and give you a full night’s sleep.

Pain Relief
The National Sleep Foundation has found that the leading medical cause for disrupted sleep includes back and neck pain, temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), and headaches. Just having a slight incline at the head or foot of your bed can help prevent your body from curling up or bending your legs in painful ways. Electric beds offer adjustable options for both partners, so each person can find an ideal position for themselves.

The reason most of us fail to get enough sleep is because we spend that time in bed tossing and turning, constantly changing positions to avoid pain and tension caused by sleeping in uncomfortable ways. Studies have found that adjustable bed mattresses help to take the pressure off of areas that make sleeping uncomfortable. Getting an electric bed gives you and your partner the freedom to adjust the bed to whatever level of comfort you desire.

Restful Night’s Sleep
Many people will lay in bed for some time before falling asleep. Studies have found that those people who lay in bed for 15 to 20 minutes awake have more trouble nodding off than those who immediately lie down for bed. With an adjustable electric bed, you can have the top part of your body supported as though you were on a couch or chair, all while remaining comfortable in a bed that adjusts to your needs. Buying an adjustable bed is a commitment to living your life to the fullest in comfort thanks to a good night’s sleep.

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