5 Great Ideas for a Fundraising Event

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Throwing a fund raiser is a great way to have fun while helping those in need. You’ll find fundraising events are thrown throughout the year by many different nonprofits. In 2013, over 1.4 million nonprofit organizations were registered in the United States. Statistics show nonprofits are the third largest workforce group in the United States. It’s understandable to wonder what type of fundraising events your nonprofit organization needs to throw. Here are five fun and creative fundraising ideas to try out.

  • A Walk for Charity

    Many people make promises to get into better shape. It’s tough for people to get the chance to do a bit of walking. Setting up a fundraising event that has participants pledging donations is a great idea. You can choose to have participants pledge donations by the mile or by paying a standard entrance fee.
  • Setup a Talent Show

    A nonprofit organization knows it has to sometimes get creative to have a great fundraiser. Having a talent show in the name of charity is a wise idea. It’s likely that many people would love to show off their talents. Setup a standard fee that is collected and sent to a charity. A study from Bank of America found that 95.4% of people in the United States donate to charity. People will love giving to charity while seeing the talents of people in their town.
  • Play Games While Raising Money

    The internet has made what is known as streaming become very popular. One great way to connect with a younger generation of charitable people is with a gaming live stream. Many popular people on social media setup streaming events where anyone watching can easily donate.
  • Starting Your Own Auction

    A wise idea to raise funds is to have a local auction. People working in a nonprofit organization can donate their own items to the auction in order to cut costs. It’s wise to take pictures and videos regarding each item that will be up for auction. In addition, including these items in social media posts can work well to increase attendance when the auction takes place.
  • Quiz Competition

    Many game shows have specially themed weeks where celebrities play for charity. Creating a local quiz night works well to increase charitable donations. A nonprofit organization can host a trivia themed event around anything including sports, pop culture, and other areas of knowledge.

In closing, there are several great ideas for throwing an upcoming fundraiser. A charity walk or run lets people exercise while giving back to those in need. Hosting a talent show works well to raise funds from both participants and through ticket sales. A nonprofit organization with a bit of technical knowledge can easily setup a video gaming stream to raise money entirely online. Having people donate gently used items can help create a popular local auction with proceeds going to charity. Planning a quiz competition lets people share their knowledge while donating. Implementing multiple fundraisers within your community can drastically increase the donations you receive.

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