Celebrate the End of Summer with a Labor Day Party

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Unfortunately, summer is coming to an end. Many states have already experienced a drastic reduction in the temperatures. Before it gets too cold, it is the perfect time to plan that end of summer party. With Labor Day weekend coming up, end summer with a blast. You don?t have to spend a ton of money on a venue rental and formal invitations. It is still summer and a backyard party is the perfect way to celebrate Labor Day.

Spread the word

You will want to spread the word, as soon as possible. While some people may have out of town plans for Labor Day, others will still be in town and looking for something to do. However, it is a good idea to spread the word of your Labor Day party before they make other weekend plans. You can inform guests of the date and time of your upcoming party, before making other arrangements. This can actually be helpful, because it gives you a better idea of how many guests you can expect. This will be important for food count, to know how many tent and chair rentals you need, and if you will need a dance floor rental or not.

Begin making party arrangements

Once you have notified your guests of your Labor Day party, it is time to begin making party arrangements. First, decide what type of party you will throw. Will it be a typical backyard BBQ or will you serve catered foods? Will you have any entertainment? Will guests have assigned seats or will they be invited to sit where they please? Answering these questions will help you make arrangement decisions. For example, if your guests will have assigned seats, you will need to guarantee that you have enough tent and chair rentals available.

Always have a backup weather plan

Although you hope for warm, sunny weather for your Labor Day party, this is not always the case. This is especially true in states with unpredictable weather patterns. Don?t risk your backyard party by not renting large tents. Backyard tent rentals protect your guests from all types of weather conditions. If it rains, your guests can seek shelter in the tent. If the sun does come out and is extremely hot, your guests will also be uncomfortable without tented shelter. You will need to rent a tent that is large enough for your tent and chair rentals also. If you are hosting an event for which you will need a rental tent, it makes sense to rent your tables, chairs, and linens from the same company.

Plan multiple types of entertainment

Most Labor Day parties are family friendly events. This means that you need multiple types of entertainment. Create a makeshift dance floor for the adults. Arrange child friendly games, outside of the tent. You can even book a clown or face painter at an affordable price to further entertain the children. Considering that it is a Labor Day party, you can also arrange to have some type of a fireworks show. Light a bonfire outside of the tent for a true fall feeling.

Easily decorate with lighting

You probably do not want to spend a ton on decorations for your Labor Day party. Lighting is an affordable, yet extremely effective way to decorate your backyard for a party. Illuminate your evenings in the garden, terrace, interior or swimming pool areas with LED indoor and outdoor collections. Illuminated LED furniture is also a great option as it creates a dazzling look and style for clubs, restaurants, events, or even your own backyard. Stick with the Labor Day theme with red, white, and blue LED lights and tent and chair rentals.

Summer will be over before we know it. Now is the last chance to squeeze the last bit of summer and throw a celebratory Labor Day party. With minimal preparations, decorations, and a tent rental, you can throw an amazing Labor Day party in your own backyard. Your guests will appreciate the party and will enjoy the farewell to summer party.
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