5 Great Reasons To Live In Philadelphia

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When considering where in America to invest in luxury city apartments, some might be inclined to choose New York City, San Francisco or Los Angeles. But the cost of rent and living is already so high in these places, and the real estate market is overcrowded. Savvy investors will look to the next wave of American cities, those that have not been exploited by every would-be real estate tycoon out there, yet which will be well-situated to remain vital residential and business communities for the foreseeable future.

Philadelphia is just such a city. The best loft apartments in Philadelphia are still less expensive than a good portion of the NYC/Bay Area real estate offerings. (To give a statistic, the average rental price in Philadelphia in 2013 was $819, in contrast with NYC’s $3,000 average rent.) Cost of living is lower in Philadelphia than in the rest of the state, practically unheard-of for a major city. Pennsylvania itself is doing relatively well, with unemployment sitting at 7.7%, below the national average.

But enough numbers- here are the real reasons why living in Philadelphia is amazing.

  • Downtown Philadelphia is easily navigable like NYC, with Center City being built on a grid with numbered streets running north and south and named streets running east and west, and plenty of public transport options.
  • Philadelphia has a long-standing and thriving sports tradition, with eight professional sports teams and multiple major arenas drawing in millions of annual visitors to hundreds of events each year.
  • Philadelphia is famous for its historic waterfront, which boasts modern amenities like cruises leaving for the Bahamas and other tropical points of interest, ice skating, ferry rides, scenic walks, and waterfront concerts and special events.
  • The city of Philadelphia is a leader in the arts and humanities, with many museums, art galleries, theaters and concert venues throughout the city, some of which count among our nation’s oldest.
  • Luxury city apartments exist throughout the city, offering access to all of Philadelphia’s fantastic cultural life without the expense of living in luxury city apartments in New York.

The time is right to live, work and play in Philadelphia. By investing in a property in the City of Brotherly Love, you invest in your own happy experiences here, and contribute to the ongoing prosperity and vitality of an American treasure.

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