5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Renting

Apartment hunters

Moving always involves planning and logistics. Most concerns come up after the new apartment lease is signed. But here are some questions you should ask to make apartment plans before you start apartment hunting:

  1. How Much Can You Spend on Rent?
    Sit down with your budget and figure out what you’re willing to spend on rent for your new apartment. By setting this number first — and then sticking to it — you lessen the likelihood of going to a luxury apartment showcase, falling in love, and then either being disappointed when you have to let it go or feeling the squeeze of living beyond your means. Most cities have plenty of comfortable and affordable apartments, and you’ll be much happier in the long run if you only look within your chosen range.
  2. What’s Available in Your City?
    It’s tempting to make this your first step. But browsing before setting your budget sets you up for failure. On the other hand, casually looking at the average standards for apartments in your price range will help you to recognize a good deal when you find it. You may be surprised by what you can afford. Since renting means that expensive appliances are often included, and you trade in big expenses associated with buying property (like a down payment and closing costs) for more moderate deposits, apartment living can make a luxurious lifestyle affordable. This is just one reason 35% of American adults live in rentals.
  3. How Much Will You Spend on Furnishings?
    Come up with a rough estimate of how much cash you’ll have on hand to furnish your new place. Once you start going to apartment showings, always keep this number in mind as you assess each space. Try to imagine how your existing furniture and belongings would fit into the apartment, and don’t underestimate the costs of even moderate decorating efforts.

  4. How Will Your Pets Live?
    If you’re planning on bringing your pets with you, think about all their needs. Is there grass? Are there pleasant walking paths or parks nearby? Is it close enough to your work that you’ll be able to stop by at lunch or between work and going out for the evening to take care of their needs?
  5. Do You Need Any Special Amenities?
    In the weeks before you start apartment hunting, keep two lists of what aspects and amenities you want in your new place: one of non-negotiable features, and one of desirable features. Having this checklist in-hand will keep you from getting caught up by a beautiful place and not noticing that it doesn’t have the dishwasher or washing machine you really need. For example, think about whether you have any small children or elderly people in your family that have a limited ability to negotiate stairs. Or if you have young children, a bathtub — as opposed to a shower — might be a necessity. Both you and the rental company will be happier if you make your decision with a clear head.

Your apartment plans can’t account for everything, since moving always involves a certain amount of spontaneity. But by making adequate apartment plans, once you actually rent an apartment, you’ll be able to keep any surprises to a minimum and focus on enjoying your new home. Check out this website for more.

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