Donations of Clothing The Green Way to Help Others

Charity clothing donations

Have you ever donated to charity before? Current research estimates that around 70% of Americans give charitable donations at least once per year. But imagine if we all did our part to help others. Not only could donating help other people, but it also has the potential to improve the environment by reducing land pollution.

Which types of donations can help the planet the most? The answer is almost incredibly simple: donations of clothing. It may seem odd to think that the unused items in your closet can reduce pollution, but it’s true. In the United States, we produce around 11 billion tons of trash each year — or 30% of the world’s waste overall. An estimated 12 to 13 million tons of that annual trash consists of clothing and textiles, around 90% or more of which could have been easily recycled instead. Although we recycle or donate clothing already, there is still more that can be done.

Recycling also sends a message to clothing companies. Today, the world’s textile makers produce more “disposable” clothing than before. Where families in the U.S. only bought clothing as needed in the past (and fixed anything that broke), today people throw out what they no longer want, and most clothing isn’t really made to last long. By purchasing less and recycling more, clothing companies may not produce as much new fabric — which can cut down on air pollution and use fewer resources.

And, of course, giving donations of clothing helps other people. Your gently used clothing donations can help give men, women, and children in need clothing for all seasons. The good news is that many Americans already give what they can, with an estimated 4.7 billion pounds (2.35 million tons) of clothing donated each year. This benefits you, too — some charities will let you itemize deductions on your taxes.

Have more questions about giving donations of clothing? Be sure to leave a comment below. Remember, saving the planet gets a little easier when it starts at home, and donating clothing is one of the simplest ways to help.

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